Zenara – so avant-garde

The individualistic Zenara/LED designer awning positively melts into the wall – a harmonious addition to modern houses and an interesting contrast to older buildings.

Opal Design II – so classic

The appeal of the Opal Design II/LED is its well-balanced shape that never goes out of style. The dimensions of this awning and the possibility of combining it to form a multi-section unit make it ideal for large patios. 

Cassita II – so slender

With its extra-slim design and clean lines, the Cassita II works in perfect harmony with modern home interior trends. Its dimensions make it ideal for most patio sizes.

Livona - so unconventional

Puristic and back to the essentials of a textile awning: that’s the weinor Livona open awning. Suitable for almost every application and packed full of innovative features.