Blackout / Cassette Blinds

Our blackout cassetted blinds offer very high levels of light exclusion: perfect for conference rooms, laboratoris, medical environments as well as bedrooms. We offer a range of operating systems including sidewinders, slow-rise springs, geared crank or even motorised controls.

Regular curtains often have trouble blocking out all the light on a particularly bright morning or at any time during the day, when you require more darkness in your room. Luckily, our wide selection of blackout blinds is completely tailored to your needs, coming in handy for bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas demanding greater light control.

While many people naturally associate blackout blinds with better sleep in light conditions, whether you're having an early night or living on a well-lit street, more people are opting for these to help create a specific ambience in the likes of media rooms, particularly when projectors and such are being used. Of course, these also come in a wide range of colours to match your interior design.