Regnum blinds is proud to support Superstar Arts, a not for profit Community Interest Company delivering creative educational projects and workshops for people with learning disabilities in the Worthing area. 

These projects are funded by a combination of grants from local authorities and charities, and from the fees paid by their participants. Where possible they try to provide subsidised places for people who are unable to afford them. Their ability to deliver these projects is contingent upon continuing to source funding, and raising money from within the local community to help bridge the gap between the cost of delivery and our income.

We at Regnum blinds frequently contribute to helping deliver a series of innovative creative projects which addresses the aspirations, social and emotional development of people with learning disabilities.

Using visual and performing arts they provide an outlet for expression and a opportunity for group members to develop their own ideas, make friends and forge links with their wider community. The projects will culminate in public exhibitions of their work, promoting a positive image of people with learning disabilities. The exhibition will provide an opportunity for group members, parents, carers, health and arts organisations to network and collaborate.