Dirt-, water- and oil-repellent

The nano-finish on weinor fabrics causes dirt to bead up and simply roll off.

Safe for people and the environment

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 environmental standard ensures that no substances are contained in weinor‘s fabrics that might be harmful to people or the environment.

Outstanding sun protection values

With a maximum UV protection factor of UPF 50+, weinor‘s fabrics offer the best-possible protection from ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the colour of the fabric, between 93% and 99.9% of all UV rays can be fi ltered.

Temperature-lowering and energy-saving

weinor fabrics can lower the temperature of a living space by 20% if dark colours are used, by 20 to 30% if medium-dark colours are used, and by 30% if light colours are used.



Spinneret dyeing – our colours glow from the inside

What determines whether a fabric keeps its brilliant colour for many years to come is the way it is manufactured.

weinor’s polyester fabrics are spinneret-dyed. This means that the pigment is embedded into the fibres during the spinning process. The finished yarn is therefore saturated with dye through and through. weinor’s acrylic fabrics have been on the market for decades and are the best possible proof that colours can remain brilliant for a very long time.

Acrylic technology for lasting brilliance and beautiful feel

weinor‘s acrylic fabrics have been used for generations. With over 40 years on the market, the hallmarks of these fabrics are their outstanding durability and consistently radiant colours.

The high-quality pigment is embedded into every single fibre from the very moment the acrylic fibres are made. The result: especially good colour fastness and high UV resistance. Dyeing the base material in this way gives weinor‘s fabrics a superior edge over other manufacturers who only dye the finished yarn.

The acrylic base material consists of numerous small fibres which lock into each other to form a wadded material. The acrylic fibres are subsequently ring-spun: the individual raw fibres are lined up and spun during a multi-stage process to form the finished acrylic yarn. The resulting yarn is fluffy and, once woven to form a fabric, has an especially beautiful textile feel. As the sun‘s rays cannot penetrate between the weft yarn and the warp yarn, the fabric offers good anti-glare protection properties.