DIY SOS: The Big Build Arundel

DIY SOS: The Big Build Arundel

Thursday January 4, 2018, 8pm, BBC One, DIY SOS Arundel

It was humbling and an honour to be able to help Amanda and be involved with DIY SOS: The Big Build Arundel.

Amanda, mother of four children and wife to local builder Vic, was training on her pushbike for an iron-man when suddenly her brakes failed on Bury Hill, West Sussex. Travelling at 40 mph, she lost control and smashed into a signpost which catapulted her into wild bushes. The enormous impact meant Amanda had broken 11 bones, punctured a lung, and snapped her collar bone and her back. In vast pain, Amanda lay there motionless and described the sensation ‘like my spinal fluid was leaking from my body’. It was 2 hours before Amanda was found by another cyclist. On arrival at A&E she was told that she had been left paralysed. That evening, a national newspaper, featured her ‘selfie’ from the hospital with a beaming smile advising friends: ‘I don’t want to make anyone sad or upset but I’m not going to walk again’ and she was determined to continue to compete as a para-athlete.

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Tragedy as little girl dies after getting tangled in blinds

Another child has died because people are not aware of dangers in the home, blind cords just being one of them.

On Saturday 3 April Bronwyn Taylor aged just 16 months died after becoming entangled in a metal chain of a vertical blind in her grandparents' conservatory.

The accident happened near Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire and brings the number of fatalities in this county to four.

You can see a press report here.

We encourage all customers to remain compliant and vigilant.

To see what you can do please see our Child Safety Page on our website.