Window blind cord accident claims life of toddler

The Ulster Hospital in Belfast

The Ulster Hospital in Belfast

Tragically there has been another child fatality in Belfast yesterday. The only news we have so far is that the accident involved a 21 month old.

You can see a news report here

This is now 29 children lost in 15 years to blind and curtain cords.

As an accredited member of the BBSARegnum Blinds are proud to be associated with the Make It Safe campaign and the changes required in the way internal blinds are made, sold and professionally installed. From 1st March 2014 the regulations have placed a legal responsibility on all suppliers and professional installers to:

  • Provide safety devices to reduce the risk of any cords or chains forming a hazardous loop.
  • Test all safety critical items of internal blinds.
  • Test blinds using safety devices.
  • Observe maximum cord and chain lengths.
  • Provide specific warnings and instructions.
  • Provide information on packaging and at point of sale.
  • Fit safety devices when professionally installing blinds.

You can find out more information here on our site at Child Safety

If you have concerns or worries about your blind and curtain cords, please contact us and we will advise accordingly.